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NOTE: these solutions only work if after that excuse, you say "but I still want to do it"; Note, I'm not saying I'm any authority on art but this is what I tell myself to carry on. 

I am too untalented to make prints / artbook / adopts / comic / etc.
Actually, the best time to do something you're bad at is when you're bad at it! Everyone starts playing piano when they're young and suck shit, but by the time they are older, they can play beautifully! You don't want to be that 30 yr old who doesn't know how to but wants to play the piano because he was too scared to make gross music in the beginning. This is the BEST time to start making a comic (for example) because it will help you improve in that area that you will need to be better at! How can you be better at making comics in 5 years if you never tried to learn formatting, text, thumbnails, character development / whatever you need? You will be in the same place you are 5 years from now if you are too scared to start. 

I am too busy for art ! 
You are responsible for your own schedule. You chose to sign up for x and interview for x, and even if you're not religious- "God will never give you more than you can handle"; likewise, you have chosen all of these jobs and classes because you know you can handle it! Past!you believed that you can handle all of this, so make past-you proud and handle it! Also, the busier you are, the more you get done. Being too busy for art is also the opposite- the BEST artist is the busiest artist! Haven't you noticed that the popular artists never seem to be open for commissions yet their commissions lists are like 500 pages long? "I have to do homework now, because I need to go to x later and do x after that!" This is why couch bums never seem to have a job, because the current sitcom is too good and they decide searching for a job can come tomorrow. Meanwhile, doctors, lawyers, scientists, always seem busy yet they have time to cram volunteering, extracurriculars, sports, and whatever they want in their lives. They know if it needs to be done, it's up to them, and they have to do it NOW!

This life is not a rehearsal for something else! This life is YOURS! You can't say "I'll wait until summer to do art, or I'll wait till I graduate" Because while you're waiting around, and starting to draw when you're 22 or 27 or 18 or whenever you finish everything you needed to do, you'll either a. find more excuses (now I have a family!) or b. find that you've fallen behind to those that embraced the challenge and accepted the busy-ness. When you're doing the bare minimum 6 hours of art a week, someone else is pushing 16 hours a week, or 20 hours, and by the time you're 22 he's drawing at a 26 year old level, even though he's also 22. However, he's going to be getting ahead and getting art jobs and you will never be able to close the gap! Who wants to be a 22yo drawing at a 14 year old level? It's not about the age, it's about the time you put in.

Also, another reason why art seems to take so long for some people is inefficiency. Ask yourself, is this the best way I can do it? I notice alot of inefficient methods that people use during their streaming, which can be speeded up. For instance, why draw every blade of grass if the same effect can be accomplished with a brush? The same with leaves. Or line arting with the curve tool. Little shortcuts can cut off hours of work and leave your hours purely devoted to improvement instead of hours spent fumbling with unfamiliar tools or inefficient methods.

I need to learn time management then.
Time management is just a fancy term for "learning to do what's important right now." You have to learn that 50 hours of video games /coughs at self/ is not going to be worth it later, and it will only cause heaps of regret. You will never have time to do EVERYTHING on your list, but you WILL ALWAYS HAVE TIME to do what's important. Many times, if you REALLY scrutinize how you use your time, you'll find that 10 minutes on facebook is actually all of 6pm to 10pm, or the 5 hours you'd need for art and don't have, can actually be broken into two 2 hour chunks and spliced between two days.

People told me a negative thing about my art, now I don't feel like doing art anymore.
Babyboo, I'm sorry to hear that, but there are two ways I can go with this:
  • Remember there is no right or wrong in art. If it makes you happy, do it! If you like drawing hair the color of snot or thousand-dick-bulls, then fuck those haters and keep doing it. Art exists only to make you happy!
  • If there is validity in his criticism, and you DO want to get better, swallow whatever mean way they chose to transmit the message and IMPROVE. There is no better reason to DO MORE ART than right after someone criticized you, because you need to do more in order to improve! This is the WORST time to be lazying around moping! Go go go!
I'm in an art block I cannot.
An art block is an invention of the mind! It's almost like hypnotism, "well, I can't do it, so I won't." Your brain invented this excuse for yourself, and just persevere through it! Even if you feel like you can't draw anything, just relax and draw a gross anime face, and be very easy on yourself. Many times, an art block is experienced because of low-self esteem or some other underlying issue that makes art unbearable for you. If you STILL want to draw, even if you have an art block, that just means your art block is half way cured! Just remember your priorities, and keep drawing things that you have to do. 
Well, I really want to draw armor/ a trumpet / three guys in a bondage but it looks too hard.
Hey, if there's a will there's a way! Don't let "too hard" be an excuse, just break it up into what you CAN do. For instance, you CAN draw a simple body, and simple clothes, so start with that. Then you'll see, oh, well I guess i can draw a few shapes and outline the armor, but I don't know how to draw the scales. Then you'll go to google, look at some references, and find yourself filling in the details. Before you know it, your sexy swordsman is completed! Many times, if you start with what you CAN do, you'll find that you'll come up with a solution for the next step JUST when you need it! You'll always find JUST the resource you need, or just the thing you needed to see, in order to complete the next step! Don't worry if it looks like crap or it takes you 3 months to finish, the important thing is YOU FINISHED (and the next time, it'll be better, faster, and easier!)

Remember: The fact that someone else has done it before is the perfect reason that YOU CAN DO IT TOO. In fact, those people who've already done it has probably left behind bajillions of resources for you to do it! 
 I really want to make ___ but i have no idea what the subject will be.
Whether it's a comic, artbook, or doujin, or print, or life-sized-blow-up-doll-- just realize that you've probably set the standards way too high and it has become bigger than life and intimidating. Remember, it doesn't have to be the very best, but it is your own. Lower the standards just enough that you can overcome the barrier. Relax. Tell yourself, well it doesn't have to be the best for now, but this will be good practice for when the perfect idea comes later on. Usually, the perfect idea will come, when you're in the shower, or driving, or petting your gross cat, and then you'll be glad that you have the foundations needed to do the idea!
I haven't improved at all! This is so frustrating!
Hey, improvement happens very slowly and this is why you can't see it. Day to day, you'll probably think, oh god it's the same mistakes again. But there will always be someone shittier than you, and that's PAST-YOU!! To everyone else, they can probably see your improvement, but to yourself, you can only see one brush stroke after the next, and its hard for you to realize all the data and skills your brain has internalized between one artwork and the next and exhibited on the canvas. However, if you stop doing art NOW that's the only surefire way to make sure you stagnate forever! As long as you're making art, you'll be improving, because you will always be correcting your last artwork's error with each new piece!

I suggest you try something very new and different, like drawing from real life, or creating a sculpture, and you will never know if something you learned from that practice can be materialized into your work! Also, I suggest starting a project, like 100 themes or an artbook or a webcomic, because you will force yourself to carry on despite your insecurity, which will in turn, force yourself to fix your mistakes by the next piece instead of fumigating and mulling over it.
Yeah but so and so is better than me and it makes me depressed.
Excuse you but do you think they even care? ahaha I'm sorry that was mean. They're just going to keep making art and being better, and your saddness will not affect them at all! Everyone has their own style, and as long as you're doing your own you will be happy and improving. They may have started longer ago, or have been dedicated to improvement, and such. Just realize that if they can achieve x level of fame and awesomeness, that's proof that you can do it too! You will get there one day if you don't stop, and you'll get there even faster if you don't take a break to cry into your pillow or cat.
 No one likes what I do anyways, what's the point?
Well, there's two way you can go with this.
Are you here for a popularity queen-of-the-school contest? If yes, then give up whatever you keep doing that's making you unattractive, and learn what appeals to people. Give up on holding your old values, because popularity is more important to you- I'm not saying become an amoral fake, I'm saying please focus on what's more important to you, popularity or your own stuff Usually people are unhappy when they are not following their most cherished values. If you're upset that no one is looking at your art for x reasons, then fix that and you will feel overwhelmingly happy. Whether it's something simple like, stop line-arting with your mouse cause aint nobody got time for that, or stop drawing humans with hairy legs, you will get closer to your goals (whether to make a more pleasing work or more popular work).

Next, if you really truly cannot let go of drawing for your own sake, then just let go of the popularity thing. If it's important to you that you do your own, favorite things, then why even care about popularity? You're doing this for your own sake, so who cares what others think! However, if you are feeling bummed out that other people don't like your work, then why are you even posting it online? Why are you upset about it? Perhaps part of you wants to be better / awesomer / more like so and so famous deviant-- let this be motivation to change and get better! 

Lastly, if you're truly dedicated to keeping both popularity and drawing your strange things, then realize that although it may be the hardest route, but the best route, find a way to make your own things more appealing. Make those hairy greasy legs you love to draw the most beautiful, realistic, glorious things on the planet and people WILL notice if you have great talent!

Either way, please keep drawing! Whether its for your own sake, for popularity, or both, the happiness of following your values cannot be accomplished if you stop drawing! That pleases NO ONE. Not yourself, not your fans. 
I don't have a tablet / photoshop / other expensive art crap : (
Well, art isn't the cheapest hobby, but like with the "drawing a hard thing" (omg sounds perverted), if there's a will there's a way! If you really need a tablet, the cheapest one is around $100. Are you SURE there isn't a way to smooze your parents to letting you buy it if you get all A's (are you sure you can't make all A's if you really wanted a tablet?)-- Ask your art teacher if you can borrow theirs, or a friend, or look for used ones or auctions or whenever a friend is upgrading ask if you can have their old one.

Same with photoshop, keep asking, keep looking, keep finding a way. If worst comes to worse, make a fundraiser, make commissions, get a job in order to save up for that $1000! If you really wanted something, take off the "I'll never get it" label in your mind, and make it into "How can I get it?" Even if it takes you 2 years to save up for Corel Painter or Photoshop (or four years for me to find a way to get photoshop) atleast you finally got it! If you gave up you never would've.

Also, remember plenty of art is made with cheap materials. Even the greatest, most famous artists, start their sketches with the same pencils and pens to sketch that you start with. There are plenty of free substitutes like GIMP if you don't have photoshop. It's about the skill, but the program and tools do help. Nonetheless, keep making art with what you can do, so your skills won't get rusty by the time you can finally afford it! 
I don't have a style yet!
That's a terrible excuse! Of course you have a style! It may not be instantly recognizable, or world famous, but you do! Everyone has their own preferences for eye shape, face shape, nose size, style of coloring, whatever! It just probably isn't ovbious to you because you keep changing it to suit your new tastes or needs-- AND THAT'S A GOOD THING! If your style keeps changing, it means you're adapting it to suit yourself, and in the process, you are GUARANTEED to learn new things! Plus, changing your style for each piece helps, because it will make the piece even more pleasing to your eyes. Don't worry about style for now, I can guarantee you have one, and you're probably just improving on it! So keep drawing and in time, the perfect style, that includes all your likes, will evolve and before you know it everyone will say "hey, that's ____'s art!"
I wasn't born naturally talented in art...
 I don't think art is natural born talent. I think there is SOME luck involved, since some people have been guided and encouraged by their parents since they were very young, taking classes and having expensive materials, before their peers realized they even liked art, but it's not too late to start either!

It's about the time you put in, and the improvement too! Someone who is "naturally born talented" and thinks that's good enough will fall behind the person who draws 18 hours a week! Remember, if you just coast along in life, doing the bare minimum- the only way you can coast is DOWNHILL. If you are continually improving, you will definitely surpass the "naturally talented" and they will lose their lead if they don't watch out! There are plenty of people who start drawing when they're 18 and become world-class by 22 because they draw with a fiery ambition; and people who don't draw very much can have the same skills at 14 (which they may have been best in class) and still draw like a 14 year old when they're 30 ( I've seen people who never improve at all with the mindset that they are superior enough).  Natural talent is just a mindset, don't let anyone make you believe in that bs. You are talented if you think you are! You are all talented!

If you think you're talented, you are! And let yourself keep improving. If you think you're not talented, then fine, don't worry about it and work harder than everyone who thinks they are!
No one wants to buy my adoptables.
I'm sorry to hear that, but I first want to congratulate you for taking the first step and making one! Part of you really likes to design and loves the thrill of selling your designs to people who will appreciate them! First, if you have sold any, ask yourself, what did you do differently about those, than the ones that didn't sell / didn't sell as well. Remember, adoptables are here to be sold- if the designs you personally like don't sell, um, keep those for yourself? ahaha. You are making things for other people, and things others will like! So study what other people like the most. The fact that others have sold adopts for $100 is proof that you can do it too! Never never blame the audience, "Ew, well I can't feel sorry for them cause they can't appreciate my awesomeness" NO. you are here to please THEM, not force them to like your stuff! You are here to see what works, and there is some luck factor involved in hitting the jackpot and getting alot for an adopt- but there's also technique in it. See what you did right, what you did wrong. Study from other people's adopts. Then, apply what you think could be making one adopt better than the other to your next one! Never give up! If you give up on making them, then you'll never find the secret formula to making the best adopts! While some people may hit a lucky break on their first adopt, others may take a year or two to build up an audience! And how can you build up a following if you give up making adopts for months at a time? don't feel insecure, be bold! Be brave! Accept criticism, in fact, ASK for criticism. Ask for advice! People will definitely be willing to help you make yours better! I can go on more about what makes a good adopt, and some things I've noticed, but It would take too long lmao I'll go into that if you ask me though orz; There's a lot of specifics involved. You will notice them too if you keep an open eye on what people like!
This piece didn't turn out as good as I thought it would be. 
First, let me just applaud you for trying! you've overcome the great hurdle that "you might not be good enough- so you won't even try"; and I'm really glad you've taken one step further to turning your vision into reality. Although you can't see it yourself, the vision will be beautiful and people will be able to sense it. You will never really be satisfied with your work, although maybe you will be elated a few days at a time, but in the end you will end up finding errors or flaws. And that is perfectly normal and expected for a growing artist! By finding your own mistakes, you will definitely improve, and you know what, so what if it's not your best? You TRIED your best, that is, your best right now. You've reached a little further, jumped into a little more danger, and while you haven't quite reached your goal (which you never will in your quest to be better and fix the last artwork's mistakes) you have challenged yourself and tested your skills to the max. In this way, you are growing. I'm sure your artwork was wonderful in the end, and even if it's bad, so what? It means you're on the road to improvement, and perhaps 7 years from now you'll go back and try to fix that old mistake and redo it. And that future art work, with the future-master you are, you will probably still find mistakes. But you will be many times better by then, simply because you kept trying and pushing your limits, daring yourself to go to the edge and unknown. You are where you are now, a better artist, because the past you pushed yourself to try new things. 
If you have any excuses you want me to answer with my gross optimism and violent motivation lmfao please comment! I would love for every artist to draw and express themselves to the fullest, let nothing hold you back! Also if you hate anything I wrote, please just find a toilet and drown yourself aint nobody got time to hear that. JKJK-- I'm sorry if anything here is offensive, I didn't mean it to be, i tried my best to keep it neutral.

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bluefoxycat Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Y'know, I only use the freeware art programs, AKA: Gimp and Normal Windows Paint.
chocological Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I believed I commented here before but I open this page once in awhile when I feel I have an "art block"
I've always been depressed on how untalented I am at drawing, and yet that's practically the only thing that I can do (except from writing, I guess....) and my artworks are not much. I have lots of problems and even though I get occasional nice comments, there would also be the ones giving me critique (which could be harsh).
After reading this post, I realized that the critique that people gave me all along was helping me ^_^)b once someone said "Those eyes are too big blah blah" and when I doodled the next time, I fixed the eyes a bit and made it smaller. I was surprised to realize that my art looked slightly better.

But still, sometimes I just feel very down because I improve really slowly, others are better than me, but then I also realized that I'm still young (I turned 13 last March actually ^^) and at least I've been improving from year to year. The improvement is hardly noticeable, but it's there.
Thank you so much, again, for this post, it really inspires me and motivates me to get back drawing no matter what <3 <3 <3

I'm really sorry for the tl;dr but you have no idea how this post had helped me :")
rainue Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
you're only 13!!! omg you have plenty of time baby <33 don't worry you'll improve leaps and bounds before you know it ;_; i feel like people hit a growth spurt when they're around 18-17 and at the end of 23 they suddenly become GODS
chocological Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
!!! Thank you so much for replying. I'll try my best! ^o^

I feel so touched talking to a pro like you omg I hope I don't make myself sound silly <o><o>
rainue Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

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y-yes you are
i've been stalking on your arts since I had found this post ^q^
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Lmao, I can grasp a bit of your personality here, and I love it xD
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LMAOOO ahhh thanks ;3; xDD 
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This motivational speech knocked holes in all my doubt and full blown laziness. Thank you. And thanks tammi chan for linking me! ^_^
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awww np!! <33
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