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A Game A Plan by rainue A Game A Plan by rainue
So I decided to start using the study skill's I'm learning from the book, "how to get a's in college" and use it to incorporate time to finish big projects in my life.
not really. just artwork xD I really believe that people "sacrifice" something for another because doing both would be really hard. but I think doing things that are really hard is worth it, so that I won't wake up 40 years old and regret "not trying hard enough" when I could've

anyways, aside from my mushy spiel, i'm making a plan to make a custom journal skin for myself! I really really REALLY like the lines i'm working on with that last sketch, in a way i don't usually feel with my art, so i'm definately going to use it for something good!

I DON'T KNOW A LICK OF CSS but i'm taking an intro to java class so maybe that'll refresh my memory.. although java is more like doing things, and css is more like formatting things? haha
BUT!! i want to relive that childhood enthusiasm, of not being afraid to tackle anything! I remember seeing someone's mom coding in fourth grade and deciding to just go for it and learn some html. 
and i remember learning furcadia's dragonspeak (which is really simple if-then statements) when i was in elementary too (don't ask why i'm playing such m-rated social games xDD)
and then doing the same when i got a tumblr and learning to code a little of that myself

somehow i got really discouraged and stopped believing in myself the last few years, and i owe it a lot to my parents... as soon as i set on campus grounds its like all my health problems vanished and a fog lifted and i feel great about myself all the time! I feel like i can actually BE a valedictorian and I can actually be mature and responsible! unlike the way my parents always doubted me >.> they were really toxic but i guess they wanted the best for me. 
FruitTartz Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Uwaah good luck! *u* Believe in yourself and strive for it :heart: I'm sure you can do it >w< Hehe looking forward to your journal skin~ Bet it will look awesome >u<
rainue Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
omfg i used to really love learning when i was a kid >.> i made custom gimp brushes with like 4 levels of configurement (like how hard you press, what direction your pen is in, and animations for the brush) and made pixels and tried to learn flash wthhhh somewhere a long the way i got so discouraged for no good reason i'm so pissed. but its ok! college is a second chance to learn everything i want again. 
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August 29, 2014
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